About us

…or rather me, because I am Robert and this is my Artifact!

I’m a bit of a technology geek and love to push or push the boundaries of my creativity with various machines and craftsmanship. Originally, I learned the “media technologist in print processing” which is simply the fancy and new name for the industrial bookbinder. That’s probably where my fascination for both the machines and the traditional craft comes from. In addition, I am interested in business and entrepreneurial activities, which is why I am studying “Management and Digitization” in the form of an evening course.

For now, there is nothing more to add, so all that remains is for me to wish you the following:

I hope you like my work and have fun with it!


Best wishes, 


The vision

“The vision”… This could also be on the website of some DAX company and mean something like “here are a few things that sound good to the customer, but we never realize them”.

For my part, I don’t believe in half-hearted promises and big numbers. Rather, it is the conviction that in the society in which we live, companies have one of the greatest responsibilities towards the environment and the climate. That’s why I wish more companies would start giving something back to Mother Earth instead of always just taking.

Dies ist umso wichtiger, wenn man mit Stoffen wie Plastik oä. arbeitet, wie es auch hier der Fall ist. Daher möchte ich mit Artifact anfangen, indem jede Bestellung, unabhängig vom Wert, einen Baum pflanzt. Dafür geht ein Teil der Kosten an Naturschutzorganisationen, die dies professionell umsetzen. Damit können wir über die Zeit schon eine ganze Menge zurückgeben.

Spun further, it would be a dream to generate the energy I need for production myself through solar panels or the like and to use recycled material such as PLA from PET bottles for production. Unfortunately, the machines for this are still very expensive and the material produced is very poor for the demands ordered here. But that will surely come!

Until then, I’ll do what I can to contribute and with your help, we may soon have a small forest planted.

…that would be cool for sure… 🤔

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